Poems ~ by category

On Family & Friends

For Mama
For Rick

Lessons Mother Taught Us

May We Be Useful in Your Kingdom, Lord
Misplaced Photographs
My Parent’s Aspirations
My Grandmother’s Garden

On a Bicycle
On a Swing Long Ago

Pit Stop

September Memoirs

To the Graduates

Wedding Prayer

Ethelbert Poems

Ethelbert in No Man’s Land
Ethelbert on Faith
Ethelbert on God’s Peace
Ethelbert’s Advice on Writing Poetry
Ethelbert’s Medication Mixup
Take Holt a’ These Words in Yer Heart

The Shimmerin’ Tinklins a West Cache Creek
Uncle Ethelbert’s Parenting Advice
Young Ethelbert Meets the Buffalo

Nature & The Nature of Things

A November Afternoon
Adrift at Night on the Water
And This, Too, Shall Pass Away
At the Water’s Edge

Cool Dispensation

Daydream Song
Dusk Storm

Five Scents Worth
From the Factory Window I
From the Factory Window II

Hold Every Moment Sacred

In the Wichita Mountains
Late Morning, Early March

Morning Song


Spring Storm

The Aged Elder Sings of the Wichita Mountains
The Music Within
The Rain
The Storm
The Taste of Clouds
The Watcher
This Year’s Autumn


Always Remember the Poor
And Yet Are You Dead?

Blotted Out

Can His Love Be Seen In Us?
Cry of the Wounded Hunter

His Kingdom is Not of this World

Is Your Church a Place of Business?
It is Written

Logs and Specks

Misplaced Something?

No Other Name

Questions for Partisans

The Greater Good is Always Evil
Truth and Consequences

What Really Matters
When I Draw Near Unto the Waters
Wisely Choose


At the Baggage Carousel
At the Carnival Waiting in Line

Incidental Contact



The Delay