Misplaced Something?

Simon was a zealot,
Saul was zealous too!
Consumed by earthly politics;
Sinful through and through.

Until one day Jesus
Called out, “Follow Me!”
And they turned from death to life
Through the cross of Calvary!

From all they had acquired
They learned to suffer loss
For the surpassing value of
Knowing Christ beyond the cross.

They left to God Almighty
Their cherished nation’s fate.
They chose the Love of Jesus
Instead of mankind’s hate.

To all men they showed mercy
Whether Roman, Greek or Jew.
Good News they shared with many:
God’s love is sure and true!

O if Christ is not the object
Of your passion, zeal and zest,
God’s glory will elude you;
You’ll not enter in His rest.

So seek ye first His kingdom
And His righteousness.
All else that mortals trust in,
Death will one day dispossess.

 – Jerry Dan Deutschendorf