Late Morning, Early March

The first day of spring is one thing,
and the first spring day is another.
– Henry Van Dyke

clear water murmurs
soft and easy;
flowing exquisitely over
old rounded rocks where
strands of new moss
playfully dance
in a gentle lowland stream.

somewhere close a
whippoorwill sings;
and hungry robins sift slowly
through the stubble of
meadows barely green.

the late-winter sun
warms well the earth;
coaxing early buds from stiff branches above,
while bulbs below
begin again their sure resurrection;
stirring from welcome warmth;
rising through darkness towards the promise of day.

ah, the subtle signs of spring’s approach;
how good it is
to see such days!

    as the winter’s cold recedes,
    a season of sunshine and hope draws near!
    as the day’s light lengthens,
    again life blossoms anew!
    such gifts come only from God on High;
    ordained by the Father of Light.

how good it is
to see such days!

 – Jerry Dan Deutschendorf