For Mama

in loving memory of Helen June Nester

one quiet autumn morning,
    just before the dawn,
you gently slipped away from us;
    in an instant you were gone.

how then could we face that day?
    where were we to go?
caught between the twilight
    and the dawn’s first crimson glow.

alone amidst our sorrow;
    between two worlds apart;
waves of grief and sadness
    washed hard against each heart.

each heart that knew your kindness;
    each soul you touched with grace;
you lived out all your days on earth,
    and left such love in place!

homeward God has brought you
    your soul flown fast away
towards the light of heaven’s peace
    and everlasting day.

this trust will be our comfort
    as we live by faith below;
caught between the twilight and
    the dawn’s first crimson glow.

 – Jerry Dan Deutschendorf