Take Holt a’ These Words in Yer Heart

Wharever yer headed and whar you done been,
How kin that hep ye with the fix yer now in?

Well jist meybe you learnt a thang, even two,
From all a them days you already lived through.

An’ meybe from above or from outa yer store
Will come wisdom to getcha through it onect more.

But if wisdom yer lackin’, jist ask God in prayer,
With no blame He gives it; He has plenty to share!

Then perhaps you’ll commence to form a new plan
Or head whar you wuz headed when yer troubles began.

A knowin’ ahead lies a fine restin’ place,
Whar one day you’ll shor-nuff see Christ face-to-face!

So git wisdom an’ understandin’ an’ practice His ways,
Then He’ll tell ye “Well done” at the end of yer days.

– Jerry Dan Deutschendorf